Algenon Cash on Energy Exploration in N.C.

Algenon Case, Chairman of the North Carolina Energy Forum, talks about energy exploration in the state with on the Bill LuMaye Show on WPTF Talk Radio 850. August 20, 2014  

Hundreds gather to debate fracking

Nearly 600 people on Wednesday showed up at North Carolina State's McKimmon Center to voice their opinions about fracking to the state's Mining and Energy Commission for the first time since Gov. Pat McCrory signed the "fracking bill" into law in January.  

House GOP urges Interior to open up new offshore drilling areas

More than 160 House Republicans are urging the Obama administration to open up more areas to offshore drilling in a new five-year lease plan for oil and gas development.  

Strong Support for Domestic Energy Production

A recent Neilson poll found three connected points among registered U.S. voters on domestic oil and natural gas development that should resonate in Washington. Across party lines, age and gender, strong majorities of registered voters support more domestic drilling and production.  

What is Frac Sand?

This special sand is one of the keys to producing oil and natural gas from tight shale formations.  

Algenon Cash: Don't knock fracking

Regarding the June 5 news article "N.C. now open to fracking": "When opportunity knocks, all some people can do is complain about the noise," Bill Maher said. I applaud Gov. Pat McCrory and our state legislators who weren't distracted by the noise. Opportunity knocked, and they answered.  

NC to start test drilling for natural gas to lure energy industry

Gov. Pat McCrory's signing of major energy legislation into law Wednesday sets the stage for preliminary exploration of North Carolina's shale gas potential, with the state government taking the lead where private industry has been reluctant to commit.  

Support for Keystone XL pipeline is almost universal

Even Democrats who prefer to develop alternate energy sources before expanding the use of fossil fuels say they want the Keystone XL pipeline built.